Explore Granada

Explore Granada

Granada is one of the most beautiful places in Spain – it attracts thousands of tourists every year with its beautiful gardens, charming small streets, incredible local delicacies and wine. Walking around the streets, you can hear the rhythm of Flamenco and really submerge into the local vibes. We have created a list of some of the best places to visit while you’re visiting Granada for WICH 2019.

The Alhambra Palace

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Probably one of the gems in the crown of Granada, the Alhambra palace is a castle, fortress, royal palace and an actual town. Blossoming with beautiful gardens, it is definitely a top location to visit.

The Banuelo

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Incredibly well preserved 11th-century Arab bathrooms hidden behind a tiny door – if you are in the mood for exploration and some cultural treasure hunt, check these out.

Тhe Granada Cathedral 


The Cathedral was built in the style of the Spanish Renaissance with constructions from a variety of ages and styles. The façade was left unfinished with only one of the two towers built. The second tower wasn’t built as it was too heavy for the construction below.

The Cartuja Monastery


The Monastery is still unfinished, but it is admired for the gorgeous marble chromatic effect from the materials used. It is a beautiful Baroque style landmark worth visiting.

Flamenco Show


A mixture of cultures, involving singing dancing and playing, Flamenco is a one-of-a-kind experience when in Granada, so make sure to visit a performance.

Tapas Bars


If you are a foodie, tapas bars are the place to be. Typical sharing platters, local specialties, and wine, everything that can make you feel truly at home you can find in a tapas bar.

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