Mobile App Information

Mobile App Information


  Step 1: Download

 IOS/App Store via the link.

 Android / Google Play via the link

  Step 2: Log in

 Enter the login credentials that the Conference Secretariat sent to you by e-mail.  

  Please click MOBILE APP USER INFORMATION - WICH 2019.pdf to download the WICH 2019 Conference Mobile App user information in PDF. 

Features of the WICH 2019 Symposium Mobile App

  1. Privacy feature lets you to share your information on the App or not.
  2. You will be able to reach the updated scientific program, screen the details, reach the Speakers information and have notes about the session. There is also an export button to email your notes.
  3. Speakers feature enable reaching the Speakers information and screen their related sessions. 
  4. Attendees may search their names from the directory and reach their information.  
  5. Special thanks to our supporters and their company links.
  6. General Information about the Symposium and Venue. 
  7. You may take or choose a photo to be used in your personal information and on attendee directory.  
  8. Contact Exchange lets you exchange your personal information by scanning your QR codes. You can also export all the data of the contacts and receive the list by e-mail.   
  9. Latest news and notifications about the Conference.    
  10. You will be able to screen the Attendee communications.     
  11. Add Conference photos, comment, like/dislike the existing photos posted.      
  12. You may take notes during the Conference and send them by e-mail by export feature.  
  13. Abstract E-Book can be a screen from this button.       
  14. Conference social accounts will be available on this feature.        
  15. Map and address information about the venue.          

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