Presentation Instructions

Presentation Instructions

All speakers are requested to load their presentations at the Speaker Ready Room at least 3 hours before the start of their session (not individual talk). If your presentation is early in the morning, you are strongly encouraged to load your presentation the day before in order to avoid the early morning rush. The Speaker Ready Room will be marked clearly with signage at the congress venue. 

All presentations should be prepared in PowerPoint on Windows-based PCs in 16:9 ratio. Please make sure to bring your final PowerPoint presentation with you to the meeting on a USB Flash Drive. 

Due to networking system, internet connection will not be available on uploading computers. It will not be possible to download your presentation at The Speaker Ready Room.

To minimize technical problems and delays during the actual presentation, we require you to load your presentations at the Speaker Ready Room

All presentations will be erased from uploading computers, nobody will have access to your research.

Please adhere below time limits for your presentation; the timings will be strictly enforced by the session moderators. 

Please show respect to your fellow speakers, the moderators and the audience by keeping to the timings.


We had an exceptional number of abstracts this year and wanted to give as many people as possible chance to present, but this means that we have a very full program. Please show respect to your fellow speakers, the moderators and the audience by keeping to the times outlined below: 

Oral Presentations are allocated 7 minutes – please prepare a presentation that lasts no more than 4-5 minutes maximum to allow 1-2 minutes for discussion after your talk. The projectionist will warn you after 6 minutes and after 7 minutes the screen will go blank.

If you prefer not to load your talk at the Speaker Ready Room and wish to use your own computer, please be aware the clock will start counting down as soon as you get to the podium so any difficulty connecting will seriously impact on the time you have available to talk. 

Short Oral Presentations are allocated 3 minutes – please prepare a presentation that lasts no longer than 3 minutes maximum. You will be warned after 2.5 minutes and the screen will go blank after 3 minutes. 

The session chair will invite all speakers to sit in the front row at the start of the session to facilitate changeover and speakers will NOT be able to use their own computers. No videos please. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to prepare your talks for the meeting- this is the most important aspect of any meeting. 

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